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BIG NEWS COFFEEHEADS! We are excited to announce the second release of the HAWAIIAN SUMMER SERIES! Small batch coffees sourced from Hawaii, brought here and roasted fresh in San Diego!


The next Hawaiian summer small batch series is the release of an excellent coffee from the Big Island! Grown in the Wood Valley of the Ka'u District, this tasty bean comes from an area south of Kona, and packed with flavor. A mix of caturra and typica, the Ka'u coffees come with bright, long and juicy fruit tones with a medium-full body and candied sweet finish. Unlike most HI coffees we see that are roasted on the darker side, we roasted this excellent bean at light medium so you can taste the unique Hawaii origin. This is 100% Hawaiian and 100% fresh.


From the start of HOB, we wanted to bring our community different and unique coffees from across the world. Our first was the filipino coffee, being the first to bring it to Southern California, it was a hit and community favorite. We wanted to find something special for our next release, something ORIGINAL that represented us and our culture and a treat to our community. As one of our founders grew up in Hawaii, we felt it would be special to source green coffee straight from the islands and roast here locally on the mainland. We always found it very difficult to find great Hawaiian coffee over here that was roasted the right way (let alone find good roasted coffee in HI!). So we searched and waited to find the right green coffee, and we are so excited to finally bring you this series.


Hawaiian Summer Series: Grown in paradise and roasted here locally in America's finest city!


We hope you enjoy! Each batch is VERY limited in qty, so come get your Ka'u before its gone.




Tasting Notes: vanilla, pecan, clove, citrus, spice


Origin: Ka'u District, Big Island, Hawaii


Varietal: typica, caturra


Processing: washed

100% Hawaiian Ka'u Big Island Single Origin Coffee






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