12 Ounce Bag (Whole Bean)


  • Single Origin (No blending)
  • Origin: Antioquia Region of Colombia 
  • High Quality Arabica Bean – Typica & Bourbon Varietal
  • Altitude: Grown at 1,500 meters above sea level (masl)
  • Processed: Washed
  • Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Nutty, Caramel, Full Body, and Clean Finish
  • Great for: pour over, batch, espresso and cold brew! 


Did you know, Colombia produces the 2nd most coffee in the world, and is the largest exporter of washed arabica coffee? Because of its climate and terrain, Colombia produces coffee year round. Dubbed "Supremo" this delicious coffee is  the largest coffee bean produced by Colombia (Once you see the size of the bean, you will know why!" This  delicious bean is a great example of the quality and flavor of Colombian Coffee: a great balance between sweetness and acidity, with a nutty aroma. 



Colombia Supremo - Single Origin (12oz Bag)

    • Brown Sugar
    • Nutty
    • Caramel 
    • Full Body 
    • Clean Finish

    Processed Washed
    Altitude 1,500 M.A.S.L
    Varietal Arabica - Typica & Bourbon