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12 Ounce Bag (Whole Bean)


One of the most popular coffees in the world, the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is known for its distinct fruity and floral aroma and flavor. Yirgacheffe is located in the Gedeo Zone of Southern Ethiopia, in a steep, fertile area 1,800 meters above sea level (MASL). Known as the birthplace of Arabica coffee, the country of Ethiopia has been producing some of the most unique and highest quality coffee in the world. This is truly one of our special coffees we try to have on hand every year.


We roast this on the lighter side (light medium) so you can fully taste the fruity and floral notes on the bean. It's definitely a tasty cup on either pour over or drip and even cold brew! 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (12oz Bag)

    • Floral & Fruit Notes 
    • Smooth Finish

    Processed Natural
    Altitude 1,800 M.A.S.L
    Varietal Heirloom
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