12 Ounce Bag (Whole Bean)

Single Origin 


Please welcome back to our lineup a tasty coffee from the country of Nicaragua! A region known for its majestic landscapes of coastlines and volcanos, Nicaragua has also been gaining distinction for its specialty high grade coffees. This delicious single origin comes from the Jinotega Region of Northern Nicaragua. This mountainous is known for producing some of the country's highest quality coffees.


Nicaraguan coffee brings out the best in Central American characteristics: fragrant, complex, moderately acidity, and medium in body.


We've tasted it. We loved it. And we think you'll love this unique and premium single origin too!


Nicaragua Single Origin - 12 oz Whole Bean

    • Brown Sugar
    • Citrus
    • Medium Body 
  • Processed Washed & Sun Dried Process 
    Varietal Caturra Catuai & Bourbon Varietal
    Altitude 1,500 MASL
    Method Great for Pour Overs & Cold Brew!