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At House of Black Coffee Company, we LOVE coffee. Our coffee is delicious, and in our opinion tastes so good, you don’t need to add anything. Hence our name. But, if you prefer to add cream or sweetener, that is great too, it should still taste better than what you have been drinking.

We are part of a movement called the Third Wave of Coffee. This is a departure from the second-wave (Coffee as you have known it). The second wave coffee was marked by mass production, it was heavily automated and it was very much commercialized. There were still many cool and popular coffee shops in the second wave, but the coffee they served was not top-notch.

The Third Wave is a movement focused on the bean.

Finding amazing coffee beans involves detailed understanding of the beans story. Among many factors, you need to know how and where it was grown (location, elevation, bean varietals, geographical region, organic, etc.), and how it was processed after harvest (wet process, dry process, etc.).

What you do with this coffee bean is the next big departure between Second Wave and Third Wave. In the Second Wave, many, many months may pass between the time the coffee is roasted and the time it is actually ground, and then more time may pass before it is actually brewed. There is a huge flavor loss during this time frame. The Third Wave concentrates on greatly reducing these time frames in order to maximize the flavor of the coffee. There are differing opinions on these timelines, but most if not all would agree there should be less than a month between roasting and grinding, and grinding should be done as close as possible to actual brewing (immediately before is ideal).

The Third Wave is particular about brewing

With optimizing flavor as the key driver in the Third Wave, how you brew the coffee is a very important decision. A pour over method is typically the method of choice. This could be using a ChemEx, Hario V60, or any number of alternatives. It is a cone shaped device with a paper filter where you add the coffee and water. Other popular methods are the Aero-press, or the French Press. Less popular methods, in the Third Wave world, are percolator, drip (like Mr. Coffee), and K-Cups.

You don’t need to be a hipster

Third wave is growing in popularity, and it seemed a lot of this growth was among trendy hipster types. But, Third Wave is moving beyond this stereotype. Basically, anyone with discerning taste and a love of coffee should be highly interested in this movement.

We will use this blog as a way to inform you in more detail about Third Wave development, also known as Craft Coffee.

Keep it Fresh,

Hob Coffee

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