Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream

Nocream – You see it emblazoned on our merchandise and our banners. It is a simple slogan we at House of Black Coffee Company often recite due to our love of good ol’ black coffee with no sugar, no cream. We find that enjoying coffee in its purest form is special; a ritual that pays homage to all those involved with coffee production from different regions around the world. Their efforts to produce a quality bean with unique flavors and aromas are a culmination of years of hard work and dedication to the craft. We realize black coffee may not be for everyone but we highly encourage you to at least try it someday with an open mind. You’d be surprised on how a cup of freshly roasted and ground black coffee can taste compared to that office or gas station coffee that requires heaping amounts of cream and sugar in order to tolerate.

Are you ready to try? Come in and ask for a cup of black coffee, batch-brewed or pour-over. Let it cool off for a minute and take a few sips. Try to taste and appreciate the different flavor profiles that each bean offers. Who knows, you may have just joined “Team Nocream”. If not, no worries! Feel free to add cream and sugar to your heart’s desire. :)

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