Don't sweat the technique

The "pour-over" method involves manually pouring hot water over a bed of coffee, extracting flavors as it passes through the filter and into the cup. Not only does it look cool, but it brews a great cup of coffee that may lead you to finally throw out that tired old college-era coffee machine. The three variables that can affect the final brew are as follows:

1. Grind size: The finer the coffee, the slower the water will pass through. The coarser the coffee, the faster the water will pass through. This affects the extraction and contact time.

2. Contact time: The length of time it takes to add the water and/or how quickly the water flows through the coffee.

3. Coffee amount: Depending on the amount of coffee being used, this will affect the flow speed and the contact time.

Consistency of these 3 variables is key when attempting to replicate a good brew. If you'd like to try the pour-over method and level up your coffee game, click here for our simple brew guide instructions. Cheers!

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