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House of Black Coffee Company, aka "Hob Coffee", was started by a group of self-declared "Coffeeheads" who share a passion for great tasting coffee. What is a Coffeehead? It is a new perspective on the culture and the individuals who enjoy high quality coffee. We're not snobs. We're not nerds. We are simply just people who have an avid interest in all things related to the craft. Our mission is to redefine stereotypes by bringing fresh vibes with fresh coffee, one cup at a time. 

Our goal is to serve excellent small batch, craft coffee roasted locally here in San Diego, California. We want to share our passion for high quality coffee with our community in a unique, inviting experience. We typically carry  3-4 single origin coffee beans at any given time. These can be found in our online store, or if you're ever in the sabre springs / scripps ranch area, come stop by our shop! we offer a full espresso bar, nitro cold brew, pour overs and other non coffee drinks! 

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